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HUD Handbook

HUD Handbook is one of the most common ways to know about various housing, loan and other programs of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in detail. A handbook helps you get updated information regarding new regulatory changes of the department. In most cases, it acts as a complete guide and helps you understand more clearly HUD requirements and processes for the real estate transaction you are interested in. You will also find a relevant handbook immensely helpful while completing a HUD form as per the guidelines of the department.

There are a number of handbooks, each addressing a different aspect of the real estate business involving HUD and sometimes also FHA. Moreover, there may be more than one chapter in a particular handbook with each chapter dealing with a separate aspect of the main topic. For example, the Chapter 3 of the handbook 4350.3, commonly known as HUD Occupancy Handbook, deals with eligibility requirements for assistance and occupancy while the chapter 7 of the same book talks about recertification, unit transfers and gross rent changes. Changes are also made in the contents of handbooks and as a result of this the handbook that is mentioned just now is now available with Change 3 that has happened to it in 2009.

A basic categorization for some of the most searched HUD handbooks can be:
  • Housing Handbook
  • FHA Handbook
  • Section 8 Handbook
  • Appraisers Handbook
  • HUD Occupancy Handbook
  • HUD VASH Handbook (Veteran Affairs (VA) Supportive Housing Handbook)
Some of the most sought after HUD handbooks available online include the following:

4350.1 Multifamily Asset Management and Project Servicing
4350.2 Section 8 Loan Management Set-Aside Program for Projects
4350.3 Occupancy Requirements of Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs
4350.4 Insured Multifamily Mortgagee Servicing and Field Office
4350.5 Subsidy Contract Administration and Field Monitoring
4350.6 Processing Plans of Action Under the Low-Income Housing
4060.1 Mortgagee Approval Handbook
4060.2 Mortgagee Review Board
4060.3 Field Office Guide for Mortgagee Monitoring
4145.1 Architectural Processing and Inspections for Home Mortgage Insurance
4150.1 Valuation Analysis for Home Mortgage Insurance
4150.2 Valuation Analysis for Single Family One- to Four- Unit Dwellings
4155.1 Mortgage Credit Analysis for Mortgage Insurance on One- to Four-
4155.2 Lenderís Guide to the Single Family Mortgage Insurance Process
4370.1 Reviewing Annual and Monthly Financial Reports
4370.2 Financial Operations and Accounting Procedures for Insured
4370.3 Uniform System of Accounts for Cooperative Housing Corporations
4370.4 Basic Accounting Desk Reference for HUD Loan Servicers
4381.5 The Management Agent Handbook
4905.1 Requirements for Existing Housing One to Four Family Units

Order HUD Handbooks

HUD Handbooks are available online for viewing and printing, and also for downloading in PDF format through its Client Information and Policy Systems (HUDCLIPS). You will find the most common handbooks and mortgagee letters in FHA Mortgagee Starter Kit as well. It is also possible to get printed version of HUD handbooks and for that you need to place an order with the Direct Distribution System either online or through telephone by calling 1 (800) 767-7468. You can also have them using the Technical Guidance Resources of the department, such as by contacting Public Housing Field Office Staff or a local HUD field office.

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