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Hud Home

A HUD home is an affordable option to fulfill your dream of homeownership, no matter where you live in the US. These foreclosed homes are managed by leading asset management companies and sold through an innumerable count of authorized real estate agents and brokers spread all across the country. All you need to do is to talk to a HUD housing counselor serving your area and hire a real estate agent registered at HUD to place a bid. Click here to find a write up on how to buy a HUD home in your area.

HUD Home Loans

HUD offers financing solutions through FHA , the largest mortgage insurer of the world. Though Federal Housing Administration does not offer home loans to home buyers, it helps them find a better mortgage option from their lenders. It does so by providing a complete insurance of the loan, thus instilling enough confidence in your lender. Such HUD home loans allow you to get a better deal in terms of low down payments, low closing costs and easy credit qualifying. Keep browsing this site to know more on HUD home loans.

HUD Home Program

You can get a complete understanding of the HUD home program and home loan options on various pages of this site. For even more information you can always visit its official website, but you may find it difficult to get a quick access to the resources you are interested in. This site will prove useful in your quest for right information in the quickest possible time.

Browse through our site to know more about the various home ownership and rental programs of HUD. These programs may include Home Affordable Modification Program, Home Investment Partnership Program, Home Ownership Counseling Program and Home Program Tenant Participation Plan, to name just a few. Alongside, you will get to know about buyer tax credit, down payment assistance, conversion mortgage, earnest money, home ownership center, ownership counseling notice, program income limits and program rent limits, and many more.

HUD Home Listings

HUD offers both single family homes and multifamily housing units for sale in almost every state of the US. The types of homes put on sale include townhouses, condos, apartments and many other housing solutions. You may find HUD home listings for each individual state from its website and also from the websites of the agencies that it has contracted for the sale of these foreclosed properties. You can find some of these companies mentioned on this page.


HUD Home Network

A management and marketing firm contracted by HUD to list properties and provide due diligence and support services. It also provides assistance in HUD home purchases with the bidding process and financing. Its network of qualified professionals spread in every nook and corner of the south eastern part of the country helps teachers, police officers, firemen and medical emergency technicians buy homes at just half the market price. The 100 down HUD home program of Home Network Real Estate allows you to choose from a selection of cheap homes affordably and conveniently.

HUD Home Source

A nationwide company providing services in real estate asset management and marketing of HUD owned homes across different states of the US. It makes available cheap HUD homes at discounted rates for special categories of home seekers, such as teachers, police officers, firefighters and Hurricane evacuees under GNND program. Other major clients of Home Source include US Department of Agriculture, leading banks and mortgage lending companies.

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