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HUD Jobs

HUD Jobs offer you a wide scope to seek excellence in the professional career and ensure a bright future. There are recent job openings for postings at various US locations in Washington DC, California, Florida, Texas, Maryland, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, New Jersey, New York, NC and Ohio.

You will find detailed descriptions on eligibility criteria, Job locations and the agencies offering current openings, job categories, salaries offered, titles of the jobs available and several other pieces of information from the website of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. If you are already a federal employee looking for a change the department offers you an option to receive the listing of available HUD jobs according to your profile and preferences. HUD offers a number of career assistance programs for students and job seekers as well, and helps them shape their careers by providing tools and services, such as Job calculator and JobShop.

HUD Employment

HUD offers equal employment opportunities to all in accord with the regulations of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Office of Departmental Equal Employment Opportunity (ODEEO) makes it sure that the federal laws regarding the elimination of discrimination in employment practices are enforced. The Affirmative Employment Division (AED), on the other hand, manages affirmative programs of Equal Employment Opportunity and handles a number of tasks that may include monitoring of work force diversity, analysis of employment trends and assessment of EEO program reports and plans.

Moreover, HUD offers several tools and resources for the PHAs to perform tasks related to Income and Employment verification. These resources may include EIV systems, advanced HR solutions, Social Security Administration (SSA) Form 7004 and Internet Revenue Service (IRS) Form 4506, apart from the services provided by vendors for income and employment verification.

HUD Careers

HUD careers are an attractive option for students and those willing to pursue a career that has a dynamic growth potential. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has launched many programs to help them realize the immense potential of working with the federal agencies affiliated with HUD, such as FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. HUD Career Transition Assistance Program, HUD Career Intern Program and HUD JobShop are but a few to mention in this regard.

The HUD Student Interns Program, for example, offers a unique opportunity for the students to work for it while continuing their education. The three programs that comprise the HUD Career Interns Program include Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP), Student Volunteer Employment Program and Student Career Experience Program (SCEP).

The HUD career programs aim at broadening the perspective of job and employment opportunities with adequate contribution coming from the community and the nation as a whole. Under Student Interns program, students get opportunities to develop their skill through a variety of activities such as formal training, workshops, research assignments, on-the-job assignments, seminars and mentorships. They are also offered job postings at Washington DC and several other locations of the country.

For more on HUD Jobs, careers and employment opportunities as well as aspects like Job Calculator, Employment Verification, Job Opening and Job Shop, follow the link given below.


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