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HUD Section 8

HUD Section 8 refers to the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program that caters to the rental requirements of low-income families and individuals. It is a program through which HUD funds local PHAs to help eligible household seek apartments and other housing solutions at reduced rents. A portion of the rent, based on the income of the voucher holder, is paid by the PHA while the rest is borne by the tenant. Since the program is administered by the local housing authorities, applicants should look for information pertaining to Section 8 housing, application, income eligibility standards, income limits, regulations and guidelines in the website of the PHA serving their area.

HUD Section 8 Housing

HUD Section 8 housing program is aimed at families and individuals who cannot afford to pay the high rent for an apartment or dwelling unit that offers quality living standards. In fact, the residential unit a Section 8 voucher recipient chooses in the private rental market must conform to the housing quality standards of HUD. Alongside, the landlord of the rented unit and the tenant must be willing to abide by the HUD rules, regulations and guidelines issued in connection with the program. A Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract is signed between the landlord and the PHA in which the latter agrees to pay its portion of monthly rent to the former as per the payment standard based on HUDís Fair Market Rents (FMR) for the area. The lease agreement signed between the tenant and the landlord is initially for the period of one year which can also be extended beyond this period subject to certain conditions.

HUD Section 8 Apartments

HUD offers a number of housing assistance programs under Section 8. Apart from Section 8 voucher programs, there exists certificate program, Indian Housing Block Grant Program, subsidized apartments and public housing programs that can help you find a decent home at low rent. HUD Section 8 apartments are usually private properties which are owned by local landlords willing to participate in the program in lieu of the grants they receive from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Some Section 8 apartments for rent are offered exclusively for seniors, veterans, elderly, single parents and low-income families in greatest housing needs.

HUD Section 8 Application

Before applying for Section 8 housing assistance check the website of the PHA whether or not it is accepting application at present. As the number of applicants have become more than what the available resources can support the program, many housing authorities are forced to close their waiting lists for new applications. Make it sure that you fulfill the eligibility requirements of the program before applying. You may choose to apply at more than one housing authority but remember you must live within the jurisdiction of the housing authority that issues you the Section 8 voucher for at least one year before moving to another place.

With a project based voucher you are not allowed to leave even the building as it is for the tenant who lives in that particular building only. A Section 8 voucher can also help you fulfill the dream of homeownership in some US states, such as in California , Arizona, Georgia and Florida.

From the website of HUD, you will get information pertaining to Income Eligibility Standards, Income limits, administrative fees, utility allowance schedule and other guidelines along with resources like Section 8 application forms, tenancy addendum, contract renewal request forms & guide and inspection checklist. The website of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development provides complete guidance to participating landlords and tenants by offering them resources like Section 8 handbook and guidebook. The Section 8 Contract Administration Training is provided by private companies to help PHA administer the program effectively. Explore the extensive database of HUD and your local PHAs to browse through the list of housing units available under Section 8 rental assistance. Some real estate companies also provide local listings for HUD Section 8 homes.

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